Travel Tip: Don’t go during “High Season”

The terms “high season” and “low season” are common in tourist destinations – this refers to the amount of people visiting during these times. Something that we have found is traveling during the low season has been ideal for us and pricing is much better. I think the best idea is to go towards the end or beginning of high or low season. The reason people usually pick when to go on vacation is the weather or when school is out. Summer months can be very busy most places since school is out so we try not to go on vacation at this time.

We usually go on vacation in October/November and have found that this time a year, no matter where you are visiting is a great time to go.

Here is an example – We went to Thailand towards the end of November and for Thailand “High Season” starts at the beginning of December because that is the best weather for beach destinations and is the end of rainy season. It rained really bad one day and we were nervous we had made a mistake. The rain lasted one day and the rest of the time we were there it was perfect! This happened to us a couple of times now where we might get a rainy day or two but besides that the weather works out fine as long as you aren’t there in the heart of low season or rainy season.

If you are going somewhere for a specific reason (skiing, beach, fishing, hiking). Example - if you want to hike be careful it’s not too snowy or rainy for hiking.

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