Italy in 1 Week

Updated: Feb 21, 2019


We flew into Venice and explored Venice for a few hours and then hopped on a train to Rome. We were eager to get to Rome because we were there for a friend’s wedding. We ended up staying in Rome for 4 days and then took a train from Rome to Naples and then scheduled a car pickup to Sorrento for 3 days and then flew out from Naples (we actually went to Paris after this but that will be in a different post).

Venice - We took a shuttle from the airport to Venice – where we found a shop near the train station that held luggage for the day. If you feel comfortable enough to leave your luggage behind – I highly recommend! You do NOT want to be dragging your luggage around Venice as it is crowded, hot, and has very narrow paths. They give you a ticket and you pick it up when you need to leave. After exploring Venice for a few hours, we hopped on a train to ROME! We took an express train and it only took a couple hours.


We stayed at an amazing B&B called Domus Monami Luxury Suites. It is a big house on the top of a hill in a beautiful neighborhood in Rome. It is not in the heart of the city but Rome is a walking city and it is a downhill walk right into the city. My best advice to you in Rome is walk, walk, walk! Obviously, you have to see all the historical sites – but walk to them! Taking in the city by foot, stopping for delicious sandwiches, pizza, pasta, and gelato along the way. Just eat and walk your way through Rome. My itinerary in Rome wasn’t normal because we were there for a wedding but we were able to hit all of the big attractions (Coliseum, Spanish Steps, Vatican, Trevi Fountain) in a couple days. I would say you don’t have to spend more than 3 days in Rome if you are only in Italy for a short amount of time.


We stayed at Hotel Del Mare. It is a simple hotel, nothing fancy, clean and nice, continental breakfast and a beautiful rooftop. It was the perfect location and definitely would recommend staying there or in this area. It was a short walk to the beach and right on a cove where there were docks with boats and restaurants.


We booked a boat trip through our hotel and the boat was owned by a restaurant owner at the end of the dock. We luckily ended up getting the boat for ourselves for the day but we didn’t book it like that on purpose so if you want to, try to get it for your own group if you can afford it. This boat trip is a must-do! It was maybe my favorite part of any trip I have been on – and it wasn’t too expensive!

Pompeii & Mt. Vesuvius

We booked this trip through our hotel as well, this was more of a guided tour which usually is my worst nightmare (I hate feeling trapped!) but it was still something we wanted to do and this seemed like the best way to do it. We took a ferry and a bus to Pompeii and then we hiked Mt. Vesuvius which was a nice experience and a beautiful view at the top.