Dr. Pedicure Exfoliating Peeling Mask

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Dr. Pedicure Foot Peel Mask

The bottom of my feet have been extremely dry and rough recently due to the winter

months and my lack of pedicures (I was trying to spend less money!). I sucked it up and went and got a pedicure finally and it didn't work - they were too far gone. I even lathered my feet in lotion/aquaphor/oils and put socks on throughout the day to help with the dryness. This did not work either. Finally, I came across this Dr. Pedicure Foot Peel Mask product and after reading a ton of reviews I thought to myself that I was pretty much desperate and for $12.00 I couldn't afford NOT to buy it.

The foot peel came in a great looking box and it was super easy to do. Since I read a ton of reviews I was able to use the product with a few tips. This is a liquid so be careful while taking it out of the package and don't let it spill because it might stain. This liquid comes in the foot pouches that you put onto your feet and there are two little pieces of tape they give you to tape on. It is VERY strong smelling - smelled like tequila honestly.

They say to soak your feet for an hour before you use the product. Then once you place the foot pouches on your feet - you will also wear socks over the plastic pouches. Soak your feet in the liquid for 45 minutes and then once you are done - throw away the foot pouches and wash your feet.

You are not done just yet. Try to soak your feet as much as possible the next few days. If you take long showers, that should do it.. but I would soak your feet for an hour at least once or twice. I didn't see much peeling till day 4 and then I started soaking my feet and then they peeled a ton.

The Verdict - It worked! I was able to peel big chunks of skin off the bottom of my feet but it definitely didn't happen as well as it shows in the pictures on - but it still worked pretty well. The really rough parts were my heel and the ball of my foot and they both are worlds better than they were before. I am very pleased with how my feet feels and this time I am not going to skip out on my pedicures! I will have to save money on something else haha.

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